Since we haven’t yet said anything about the new album by .upset, well-known hardcore band from Zabok, now it’s time for us to get that right so let’s start!

They started this year with a lot of effort so not only that they finished the new material, they also recorded a video for the single „Say No“, which was released on the famous Youtube channel Hardcore Worldwide. All the filming and editing was done by Metal View Productions crew.

This single will be available on their new album „Slaves Of The New World“, which will be released on 14th of April. Until then, you can pre-order it on our official Bandcamp page.

We would definitely reccomend to all the fans of this genre to first check out the video, then to go on our Bandcamp page, and then to attend the live promotion of this album which will take place on 16th of April at Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb as a part of Good Vibrations program.


Powerpop/ post-punk band Shoot Me Wendy released their first single „Light up your last smoke“ from their upcoming album „Sticky Floors“, which you’ll be able to hear on 10th of April. Until then, you can check out this track on our official SoundCloud page.

Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see them live this Thursday at the club Klub in Zagreb where they’ll promote „Sticky Floors“. Stay tuned because the album is almost out!


It’s been a while since we had some news about Overpower, heavy/ groove/ thrash band from Zagreb. Finally, we announce that their first album is out today!

Greatness Within“ includes seven songs which were recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Dražen Završki, while the artwork was done by Marko Bosiljkov. You can find the album on our Bandcamp page and order it in digital or physical form.

That’s not all folks! If you want to be sure if album is really greatness within, you can also come check them out live at Močvara on 26th of April!


As you probably heard already, groove/ thrash metal band E.N.D. from Zadar released a new video! This video is for single „Disowned“ which you can find on their latest album Illustrating Evil, which was released by Geenger Records.

The video is a result of BIFORA video production work. Recording was done by Budimir Jaša, Igor Goić and Jurica Lokas, while Budimir Jakša did all the visual editing. Now you can find the video on our official YouTube Channel so feel free to check it out. Now.


If you’re a fan of death metal, than you should definitely check out the newest band on our list. Today we present you – Decomposing Entity!

Hailing from Zagreb, death metal band Decomposing Entity was formed in 2008. Their sound could be described as a mixture of sharp, strong riffs, fast and intense drumming and brutal, honest vocals. Throughout the years, band played many live shows including ones with names like Behemoth, Decapitated, Destruction, Horna, Wizard, Entombed, Diskelma, Xentrix and many more.

Their first self-titled EP release with 5 songs came out in 2009. After that the band played many live shows and festivals all around Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia. They released one single in 2010. and a promo pack of 2 songs in 2012.

Currently they are working on their first full lenght album which was recorded partialy on SAE Instute, in Ljubljana, and preparing for promotion tours and live shows. While you wait for their album to be released, you can check out their newest video for the single “Historical Monument”, which will not be on the album.

Single was recorded in association with Meisterwerk Productions and Groovemansion Studio.Vocals were recorded by Matej Pavelić and the mix and mastering process was made by Ivan Jakić.

Video was recorded during the recording processes in mentioned studios by Igor Meister Malečić (Meisterwerk Productions), Domagoj Spaić (Metalview Productions) and Davorin Švaner. Credits for editing and postprocessing of the video goes to Davorin Švaner.


After friday’s live premiere at the club Spunk in Zagreb, we now bring you the new official video by Killed A Fox for the single „Hive“ from their album Spring Of Sloth And Haze. Almost all the work around creating the video is done by Neven Muretić, while the Metal View Photography crew helped him with the filming. It’s important to note that during the video shoot none of the participants were seriously injured. Enjoy!


We wrote several times about Inciter, well-known metal quartet from Zagreb. Therefore, they don’t need a special announcement and we can get to the point right away. We are happy to inform you that Inciter is going on a big tour!

Tour starts on 14th March and ends on 21st April. They will go across a good deal of Europe, starting in Sweden. Then, they’ll come back to Zagreb on 25th March and you’ll have an opportunity to listen to them at KSET before they pack their bags and go through Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

After this tour they will take a little break, but they’ll come back soon enough and you’ll have a chance to listen to them in July within MetalDays festival in Slovenia.

If you get the chance to see them live on this tour, don’t miss them!

These are the tour dates:

Mar 14 Bowlingmagasinet - Varnamo, Sweden
Mar 15 Henriksberg - Goteborg, Sweden
Mar 25 KSET - Zagreb, Croatia
Apr 11 Rock Club 25 - Komarnom, Slovakia
Apr 12 Hudobny Očka - Bratislava, Slovakia
Apr 13 Rock and Bike club - Sibiu, Romania
Apr 14 Dannys Rock Pub - Reghin, Romania
Apr 15 Retro Pub - Craiova, Romania
Apr 16 Private Hell - Bucharest, Romania
Apr 17 Legacy Bar - Ruse, Bulgaria
Apr 18 Adams Bar - Sofia, Bulgaria
Apr 19 CLUB SMILE - Varna, Bulgaria
Apr 20 Pub Rock - Campulung, Romania
Apr 21 TBA - Bran, Romania
Jul 20 MetalDays - Tolmin, Slovenia