As we planned, today we have a new release. Last time we said a few words about Tatiana Giorgi, a songer-songwriter from Pula and now you can check out her debut album Direkt. Nataša Buršić Krajcar wrote almost all of the lyrics while Tatiana wrote the music. Davor Milovan, Mauro Giorgi, Alen Špada and Leon Brenko helped her with the producing, while Alen Špada did the mixing.

Direkt consists of ten songs, six of them written on croatian and four on english. As always, you can find it on our Bandcamp, where you can listen to it, download it or purchase a physical release


photo by Igor Zirojevic

We have the pleasure to announce a new name on our label to freshen you all up and bring us a little bit of diversity. She is Tatiana Giorgi from Pula and her musical opus is a mixture of swing, pop and rock. In her career she has already worked with Gustafi, Kojoti, Alen Vitasović and so on. Her forthcoming album Direkt will consist of ten songs on croatian and english, of which you can check out four songs exclusively on our Bandcamp. We know you’re curious to hear what Tatiana sounds like so we’ll now leave you to do that. Until next week, enjoy!


This 1st of July is surely marked in every schedule of every fan of metal sound in Croatia, because on that very special date Neurosis is finally coming to Zagreb! These metal legends, founders of genres such as sludge metal and post-metal in general, are coming for the first time to this region, which means the venue will be full of fans from Croatia and our neighbour countries.

But we are especially proud to say that the support act for this giants will be Consecration. This post-metal band from Belgrade released four albums so far, three of them for Geenger Records. The last two releases, Cimet and Univerzum Zna, were produced by James Plotkin (known from bands such as Khanate, Jodis and OLD), while the last one, Univerzum Zna, was also mixed and mastered by Aaron Harris, Isis and Palms drummer. Their releases were followed by positive reviews, which proves they deserve to open this show. Known for their great energy on the stage and atmosphere they create, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

The concert will take place at Pogon Jedinstvo. Ticket price is 155kunas (aprox 20 euros), while on the day of the concert the price will be 190kunas (aprox 25 euros). Come, support Consecration and witness the audio-visual spectacle which is guaranteed by Neurosis.


Next weekend we’re celebrating 15th birthday of Zagreb’s famous club Močvara. Throughout this period a lot of things changed, from the location, loyal employees and program, but it always managed to stay on top of the list of any fan of music, film, theatre or any kind of modern art. It has been a great host for many artists, concerts, fairs, screenings and everything else which encourages growth of culture within the young people. Because of that, this birthday party will last for four days and it will be marked by all-day program. This weekend you will be able to visit the musical fair, see their posters exhibition collected through years and enjoy parties and concerts.

On Saturday, 7th of June, is a concert which will bring you seven bands, including four ones from our record label: Emphasis, Go No Go, Shoot Me Wendy and Gužva u 16-ercu. There will also be a well-known party program Dirty Dancing, which will take place in a bigger venue known as Jedinstvo.

Come, check out the bands, enjoy the program and celebrate with us!


We are all already familiar with the disaster that befell our region, took smile off of innocent people, leaving them with no sense of security, and even took lives. Now is the time for all of us who were lucky enough to avoid this tragedy, to gather and help those who need us most. For this reason, Geenger Records along with all our bands is joining campaign to raise aid for all victims of floods.

On Monday, 26th of May, we are participating in humanitarian flea market which will take place in Zagreb and will gather many artists, record stores and record labels, including Geenger Records and our sister house Moonlee Records. There will be recordings, band shirts, bags, posters and all other kinds of merchandise for reasonable price. The collected money will be used to help the victims.

Also, since Geenger Records always stands for rights of those who are, in most of cases, the most helpless ones, our animal friends, we decided to help them too. All the money collected from purchasing any of our releases from our Bandcamp, starting today till 8th of June, will be sent to association for animal protection from Osijek called Pobjede. This association saved many animal lives from floods, and before them. The collected money will be used to sanction the injuries and to buy everything necessary for rescued animals.

Hereby we invite every single one of you to participate in this campaign. Take a small amount of money from your salary, savings, pocket money or any other source of finance and help those in need. Not only you’re doing a noble action, you’re also rewarding yourself for it by buying something that interests you. Now is the right time to show your good will.

Let’s show solidarity and help those who need us.

For any other information, please contact geenger@geengerrecords.com.


And now we have a surprise! Even though this release comes with a massive delay because of all kinds of technical problems and unexpected complications, today is the day when we can finally say that the new and long-awaited album by Life In Peril, melodic hardcore band from Varaždin, is out!

Wings Of Perdition brings you seven new songs which follow their criticism of modern society and its bad manners. Brickside Recordings from Varaždin did all the technical work in making of this release, from recording and mixing to mastering.

This album is available only as a digital release and from today you can download it for free on our Bandcamp page. Now click the link and enjoy your daily dose of misantrophy!


Just like we said, today is the official release date of the new album by .upset, a hardcore band from Zabok, entitled „Slaves Of The New World“. The album consists of thirteen new songs, including the single „Say No“. Production was done by band members, Dražen Završki and Marko Plečko did the recording, Dražen Završki edited and mixed the material, while Antonino Šimić did the mastering at Greenwood Studio.

Slaves Of The New World“ can be found on our Bandcamp page, where you can download it or order the physical release. Also, don’t miss the official live promotion this Wednesday at Vintage Industrial Bar in Zagreb.